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SAS offers solutions to the barriers that could be preventing you the full & safe enjoyment of your home.

Our solutions are centered all around you & your home or commercial environment.

We take the time to fully understand your needs of your home or office, your mobility challenges & your budget.

Our priority is finding you solutions that meet your needs & allows you to maintain your independence & improve your quality of life!

We offer products from leading manufacturers

Stairway lifts from Harmar, Staying Home Corporation, Precision Stairlifts & others.

Wheelchair lifts from Harmar, Garaventa, Savaria & others.

Residential elevator from Waupaca, Savaria, Garaventa & others.

Limited-Use-Limited-Access (LULA) commercial elevators.

Commercial & residential dumb-waiter from Elevation Innovation, Inc, Waupaca, Harmar & others.

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